Extracts of pine,camellia and wood sorrel get rid of offensive odors in just a second!
??A pure,botanical deodorizer that is safe for humans
   and animals.
??The extracts of pine,camellia and wood sorrel     instantaneously eliminate offensive odors.
Points of Use
??Buildings:hotels,office buildings,factories,etc
??Toilets,disposal sites,human-waste treatment
??House,refrigerator,clothing and body odors.
??Pig,fowl,cattle,fish,and other odors.
??Odors are eliminated in just a second when a     solution of 100-250 times dilution with water is     sprayed on the source of odor!
??Room odors are eliminated and kept away when the     deodorizer is added to the water in a humidifier at     100-250 times dilution.
??Clothing odors in the laundry are eliminated after     soaking the clothes in a solution of 100-250 times     dilution with water for 5 minutes.
??100% botanical extracts(pine,camellia and wood     sorrel.)
Mrs.Junko Yamada
Tel:+81 -144-55-3588 3-1-8 Akeno Shinmachi,Tomakomai City,Hokkaido,053-0054
I use Nioi Nonno at home.It works superbly.I use it in a spray when I am cleaning the rooms,toilet and refrigerator,and also use it for many other things like eliminating bad breath,soaking my dentures,and on my pet and clothes.I live in a cold region so the windows are shut up most of the time.The solution is many times more economical than other brands of deodorizers even when I use it in all the rooms in the house.The best thing about it is that it's safe.
Mrs.Mikiko Suzuki Tel:+81 -52-400-9332 4-1-4 Shinkiyosu,Kiyosu-cho,Nishi Kasugai-gun,Aichi,452-0943
Since we use a vault toilet,there was a foul odor around the house.When I sprayed with diluted Nioi Nonno,I was surprised by how fast it worked.I think it is more effective when you use it for a few days in a row.The shoe cabinet in the hall bad an odor too,so I sprayed it and the odor disappeared instantly and it smells pleasant now.
Mr.Ishio Ozaki Tel:+81 -880-37-1244 Miyooshi-Kogyo,7229 Gudoh,Nakamura City,Kohchi,787-0019
I was surprised when the odor around the rabbit hutch disappeared instantly after I sprayed it with Nioi Nonno.
Mrs.Chikae Sato Tel:+81 -298-42-8128 2-530-6 Karasuyama,Tsuchiura City,lbaraki,300-0836
As my dogs and cats come into my parlor,I use Nioi Nonno for many things like wiping the tatami mats and my laundry.I spray my room with a weak solution of Nioi Nonno,my house is odor free and I enjoy using it.I am thankful to have found this product.
Mr.Takayuki Suzuki Tel:+81 -973-24-7244 Suzuki Kenchiku Office 1-18-21 Tajima,Hita City Ohita,877-0025
When I sprayed Nioi Nonno on my dog in the garden,the odor of feces and urine was dramatically reduced.I could not open the widow on the side of the house where the dog is,but I can open it now without worrying about the odor.
Mrs.Kimiko Morishita Tel:+81 -550-87-1937 B-102 Corp Nakayama,716-1 Nakayama Gotenba City,Shizuoka,412-0035
My second son who is in high school sprays the solution on his uniform everyday.He's happy with it because unpleasant odors disappear in an instant.I heard that other commercial deodorizers are harmful to humans,but Nioi Nonno is safe.
Mrs.Sadae Suzuki Tel:+81 -987-64-2458 5134 Nakamura Otsu,Nangoh-cho,Minami Naka-gun,Miyazaki,889-3204
I tried Nioi Nonno and the odors disappeared like you wouldn't believe.The unpleasant odors of my shoes that would not come out no matter how many times I'd washed them disappeared like magic.It got rid of the garbage odors too.It really is amazing.
Mr.Masayuki Tazaki Tel:+81 -78-733-7578 102 Sankoh Mansion,2-2-10 Kita-machi,Suma-ku,Kobe City,Hyogo,654-0064
I use Nioi Nonno to eliminate odors in my toilet at home.I used to buy another deodorizer,but Nioi Nonno is useful because it is more economical,is safe to humans and gives an outstanding result.
Mrs.Yaeko Tanaka Tel:+81 -858-23-0037 883-18 Ohtanijaya,Kurayoshi City,Tottori,682-0948
My son's work clothes are covered in grease and the odor is intense.It's machine oil and the soiling is bad,too.When I added a drop of Nioi Nonno to the wash during the rise cycle and waited for a minute ,the odor disappeared.My dog sleeps on a pet mattress every day.It was a nuisance because the horrible odor used to become ingrained after 5 months.Since I couldn't wash it and all I could do was wipe the mattress,I sprayed the mattress and my dog with Nioi Nonno and the odors disappeared instantly.
Mrs.Emiko Ohnuki Tel:+81 -43-266-1950 102 Sun Heights Ohtsuka,457 Daiganji-cho Tyuoh-ku,Chiba City,Chiba,260-0812
I work as a janitor,cleaning the toilets in a university hospita.Nioi Nonno gives the best results in getting rid of unpleasant toilet odors in the old building.The odors disappear in just one wipe,leaving the toilets clean and fresh.
Mrs.Chigusa Nakasato Tel:+81 -42-749-0883 2-6-2 Nishi Ohnuma,Sagamihara City,Kanagawa,229-0012
I use Nioi Nonno to eliminate toilet and kitchen garbage odors,but it also has a good reputation among my family since it gives outstanding results.
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